Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Today's news + the weekend summary from Mr Lister

First today's news: The drake Lesser Scaup has returned to Anglers CP. A Great White Egret was at Kilnsea and other birds in the Spurn area included 3 Red-backed Shrikes, Bluethroat, Red-breasted Fly', Rosefinch and a fly-over Bee Eater. 2 Red-backed Shrikes were at South Gare, another was at Flamborough whilst inland one was at Thorne Moors. A Roseate Tern visited Southfield Res. this morning.

Great White Egret at Kilnsea today - Ian Smith

Weekend Summary:
Wow, quite a weekend as had been hoped for and even almost expected. Although the birding was quite difficult (typical of spring) the expected drift migrants slowly began to materialise. Bluethroats arrived at all the east coasts main hot spots (sorry Scarborough, at least you got one on Facebook!), 

A cracking male Red-spotted Bluethroat at Filey - John Harwood

whilst other goodies included Wryneck, Ortolan, Common Rosefinch and several each of Red backed Shrike and Red breasted Flycatcher. 
Red-backed Shrike at Sammy's Point - Rich Willison. Scant consolation for the Collared Fly' dippers!

A possible Thrush Nightingale in the bomb hole at South Gare Saturday morning would have been popular had it ever gone beyond being merely a ‘poss spross’ as all recent records in the county have been non-twitchable.

The Red-breasted Flycatcher at Spurn Sunday - Ian Smith.

So all in all most birders enjoyed a decent weekend however, there was no doubt who that the weekend belonged too. Mr Lister takes up the story:

He thought it was tissue but it’snot!
Well respected wader guru John Grist described his early Saturday afternoon find of a Broad-billed Sandpiper at Patrington Haven rather modestly, suggesting it was easy, as upon arrival he was greeted by just a handful of Dunlin and the Broad-billed Sand’. John was able to grab a few quick pics’ before going to great lengths to get the news out for others, and, after making two phone calls to Canada he was finally able to enjoy his find having got the news through to birders at Spurn via a man who was out twitching in Kent. It seems that in these days of modern technology you can get a phone signal almost anywhere in the world barring Spurn! 

A record shot of the Broad-billed Sand' at Pat' Haven - John Grist. Can you pick it out amongst the Dunlin?
Anyway, typically for the tidally governed Pat’ Haven the bird was up and away as the water receded and it was not seen again. So was that was the end of the excitement for the soul observer? No way! Double acts are ‘Linfords’ speciality (remember the two Sharp-tailed Sand’ finds?) and at not too much before 8pm a less easy task faced him, as, whilst checking out the bushes at Sammy’s Point (Easington), he noticed what he thought was probably a bit of tissue paper in the middle of a bush. Fortunately however, he had the good sense to check it out and after a quick squint through the bins’ followed by a more intense look through the ‘scope he realised that the ‘possible Kleenex’ was in fact a stonking male Collared Flycatcher - clearly a find not to be sniffed at!. News quickly out, Spurn birders scrambled, but not all scrambled fast enough with at least three missing out, Steve Exley (in the shower), Roy Taylor (all communication switched off) and Dave Standring (just dished up a curry!), however, John Hewitt was far more lucky, as, when returning from Kent, he was just about to turn into his Easington driveway when the mega alert sounded, the impeccable timing allowing him just enough time to get in on the act. So, in short, having gone in the morning the latest Collared Fly’ was only available for a short period, was dipped by three of the Spurn regulars yet twitched from Kent! Mmmm.

The stunning male Collared Flycatcher - John Grist. A find not to be sniffed at!

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