Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Yorkshire Listers League Table Appeal

A recent computer blip has caused technical problems with the Yorkshire Listers League Table database. Because of this we are requesting that all participants send us an updated copy of their list unless you have done so since 31st October 2011. A copy of the list to fill in (excel spreadsheet) can be obtained by emailing yorkshirelists@blueyonder.co.uk, however, if you have kept your original copy up to date then sending us that is quite acceptable. It is our intension to publish the League Tables in the next issue of Yorkshire Birding so please ensure you get your updated list to us as soon as possible.

East Feast

Bean Goose at Spurn - one of several that arrived in Yorkshire this weekend - A Gaggle

As expected the weekend didn't disappoint, the easterlies kept coming and with them came at least three Dusky Warblers as well as a scattering of Dick's Pipits and coastal Woodlarks, whilst those visiting the 'showy' Hume's Warbler at South Gare were also treated to a Black Guillemot, a tricky bird to catch up with in Yorkshire. The highlight of the weekend however was the widespread influx of White-fronted and Bean Geese with one of the largest gatherings being at Scaling Dam with 63 and 3 respectively. Scaling Dam - You don't get wild geese there though do you?

Friday, 11 November 2011

Some of the crowd think it’s all over……………

Isabelline Wheatear, Spurn, November 2011 - Ron Marshall

Fireworks at last, as November kicked off with the bang it’s supposed to with the discovery of an Isabelline Wheatear at Spurn mid-afternoon on 4th. Fortunately, for the many admirers who visited next day it ‘over-nighted’ and being only the second ever twitchable in the county (the first being at Kilnsea 20 years ago) it found itself being added to some high ranking Yorkshire listers tallies including Mike Bayldon, Mick Turton and John Hewitt. No sooner had the cars been parked back on the drives than another much required Yorkshire tick was discovered, a cracking Penduline Tit, this time at deepest inland Wintersett Reservoir. Although the news was put out pretty quick only a handful of quick-off-the-mark twitchers got-into-gear before the bird (or birds, as the finders thought there may have been two or even three) promptly disappeared leaving an ever increasing crowd of frustrated dippers. With easterlies still blowing what had been a near disastrous autumn for the east coast rarity hunter is finally coming up trumps with this week seeing the arrival of a splendid Pied Wheatear on the point at Spurn, and a male Desert Wheatear north east of Lotus amongst the numerous sub rarities. And, with at the time of writing, a Hume’s Warbler having just been discovered at South Gare and a weekend of south-easterlies to come its surely a bit too early to say………………..it is now!

Penduline Tit, Wintersett Reservoir, November 2011 - Carl Dixon