Thursday, 16 September 2010

Action Stations

The hectic start to the autumn accelerated for Yorkshire listers as easterly winds continued to blow. A flycatcher trapped at Spurn late august set insurance listers into action as it ticked many of the ‘Collared boxes’ but it was Flamborough that came up with the undisputed quality with the discovery of an Eastern Olivaceous Warbler on September 1st which lingered until 3rd and was ticked off by most Yorkshire listers, although sometimes with difficulty. Rumour has it, that it had been present for several days but wrongly identified (and photographed) as an Icterine. Spurn retorted with a flurry of quality sub-rarities as well as a Great Snipe (4th), although that was only enjoyed by birders present early evening, much to the chagrin of those who were on their way home, not least a notorious twitcher from Bucks’ who took the news somewhat badly whilst driving through Hull, realising he was pretty much in The Deep! Just when we thought things couldn’t get better, they did, with the truly amazing late-Sunday afternoon discovery of the Flamborough areas second Brown Flycatcher at Bucton. Although not needed by most County listers a second bite of the cherry was too much to resist for many and for those who descended on site before dusk, good views of this astonishing discovery were just reward. As for the morning after? Answers on a postcard please.

STOP PRESS - 15th September, Yorkshire’s first Squacco Heron since June 1994 at Kilnsea, off Beacon Lane in ‘Mad Gary’s Garden’ on the patio! Does this mean he will have to get the car reregistered?

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

We apologize for the delay in the publication of the latest addition of Yorkshire Birding (19.2). This has been due to technical problems with one of the computers suffering an attack from the latest virus doing the rounds (mixcomputerwoznackered). Fortunately this problem has now been rectified and the magazine has gone to print and should be out within the next couple of weeks.

Yorkshire listers were on their toes recently following the appearance of an adult Sharp-tailed Sandpiper on the Humber. The bird, an adult, was discovered early Sunday evening at Patrington Haven by wader guru John Grist. Obviously he has a 'sharp' eye as this is the second time 'Linford' has discovered a 'sharpy' following on from the two hour bird at Sammies Point on 8th September 2007. Naturally this latest bird was needed by many birders and a fair number caught up with it during the ‘Sunday night scurry’, however, it was not until its relocation at Spurn the following morning that leading Yorkshire lister Dave Hursthouse finally clapped eyes on it. This brings him level with top man Andrew Gibson who was quick to point out that the use of alphabetical order would keep him at the top, however, after much deliberation it was decided to use the good looks and charm system.............

Monday, 7 June 2010

Hot on the heels of the Iberian Chifchaff at Potteric has come a Savi's Warbler at Old Moor a tick for many recent county listers. Perhaps the most surprising is that Garry Taylor still needed it, the only one of the 'top tenners'. Outside the top ten it been widely received by many and the totals have been updated for those who have let us know they saw it.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

A few more people have sent in updates and we have two new additions to the league, both with repectable totals, Mark Reeder, and Mark Spedding, apologies to Mark Spedding we've had his list a while and forgot to include his total, sorry Mark! These new additions take us to the brink of our half century of participants.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Iberian Chiffchaff, Potteric Carr. Mark Reeder

Yorkshires second Iberian Chiffchaff has been proving popular, although it wasn't the tonic that second placed man Dave Hursthouse hoped for as he soon discovered Andy Gibson missed the first one at Spurn in 2004 meaning they both move on one. Most of the other top boys have connected but many of the next rank have yet to tell us if they've been successful.
The Black winged stilt in North Yorks also found it's way onto a few lists including one of the top 5! whilst the Purple Heron at Welwick has been wapped off by a few of the newcomers.
Ian Smith has long been a visitor form Notts but must be a gambling man, he's put his shirt on living in Kilnsea getting him a big list, he joins the league in 26th place
The Hooded Merganser in Teeside has disgraced itself by becoming a drake! As the Fife bird was a female it now seems unlikely it was one and the same, unless it has undergone extensive gender realignment surgery! Andy Gibson will now be able to breathe a sigh of relief after spending all winter trying to discredit the record on various forums and badgering the blogmaster to remove it from here. We can't help thinking it would have be easier to just go see the bird in the first place Andy

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Listers league has been updated for all those listers who have let us know their details, mainly this involves the Black throated Thrush at Newholm nr Whitby which has been entertaining crowds since the start of the new year. Other additions for people came in the form of the Ferruginous Duck at Pugneys and an unseasonal Corncrake for Mick Turton, or was it just reported to us belatedly?

Perhaps the biggest news though is the discovery of only the county's, second twitchable Ring billed Gull at Mirfield which has allowed Andy Gibson to pull clear of long time No1 'BIG' Dave Hursthouse.
Several other highly placed listers have scored with this much sought after bird including Tim Isherwood, although Steve Exley needn't have bothered making the trip as it's already on his list!!!

Two new additions have been sent in with Chris Johnson and James Spencer joining in the fun which may have briefly given 'low listing no hoper' Keith Dickinson cause for optimism but alas he's still bringing up the rear, must try harder Keith!

Ring billed Gull. Dave Pennington