Friday, 10 May 2013

Fri 10th May

As many of you may now be aware, the latest issue of Yorkshire Birding (Volume 21, no 4) will be the last to be published. Subscription copies have now been posted out and if you are due to any refund this will be included. There are several reasons why we have taken this decision, including the fact that with spiralling costs (particularly postage) and falling subscriptions we would have been forced into further price increases, pushing the price per issue to what we believe would have been an unrealistic ask, particularly in the current climate. We would like to think that over the past 21 years Yorkshire Birding has filled a niche for Yorkshire birders and are proud of this fact, as, to the best of our knowledge, this has been enjoyed by no other county. We are of course eternally grateful to all those who have supported the magazine in any way either by contributing to the content of the magazine or simply by purchasing a copy. Perhaps the biggest change in birding since Yorkshire Birding was first published has been the arrival of the internet which in turn has meant that much of the material published in the magazine is now available online, and often almost instantly. Perhaps this is the way forward for Yorkshire Birding? Whatever the case, we do feel there is a need for new blood, so if anyone out there fancies a crack at it please do not hesitate to get in touch, as we would be only too pleased to assist in any way possible. In the meantime we will continue to update the Yorkshire Listers League Table on this blog and will also be pleased to publish any photos, drawings, articles, or news snippet’s you might wish to contribute too. Please email any contributions or correspondence to For now, all that remains to be said is a big thank you to you all and of course, good Yorkshire birding!

Today's news so far: Quite a bit happening for a Friday which hopefully bodes well a good weekend. A Red-throated Pipit flew south at Spurn this morning and a Firecrest was trapped there too. A/the Great White Egret has shown up at Flamborough today, last reported at South Landing and a Golden Oriole was seen near the Lighthouse (see article below re recording area). Three Dotterel were present early evening in a pea field between Grimston and Garton. 'Still present birds' include the Kumlien's/Iceland Gull at Barmston, Ring-necked Duck at Tophill and the drake Lesser Scaup at Anglers CP. A couple of illustrative shots of this bird below taken by Ron Marshall. Still lots of Wood Sands' including an impressive 8 at Swine Moor. A Spoonbill is reported at Wombwell Ings late afternoon.

Flamborough Chalk Headland Additional Bird Recording Area
From the 1st January, 2013 all bird sightings are being recorded for an additional bird recording area that will complement the records of the current Flamborough Bird Observatory recording area. This additional recording area boundary runs along the coast from Danes Dike (the current Flamborough Bird Observatory boundary) to the village of Speeton with the inland boundary being the railway line from Sewerby to where it meets the A165 near Speeton then north to Reighton Hills, the boundary of FBOG (Filey). This will then give a continual coastal recording area from Scarborough to Sewerby and the “new” additional recording area will include the RSPB Reserve at Bempton and the Buckton Bird Ringing Station. This additional recording area has had many migrants and vagrants in the past and therefore it is important that records are held and published for this area. Bird records for the Flamborough Bird Observatory have been collected for a number of years and they are published in the Flamborough Ornithological Group Annual Report and this will continue, to be consistent with past reports, but the 2013 report onwards will now have an add-on end paragraph per species where relevant for the “new” additional recording area. We will be working closely with Flamborough Bird Observatory, the RSPB Bempton Reserve and Buckton Bird Ringing Station with all records and particularly visible migration. Using the RSPB Reserve at Bempton as the public centre-point for this additional recording area it is intended to have a log of sightings at the centre, a notice board and other information. The records will be collected by a team of volunteers headed up by Geoff Carr who will be the recorder for this additional recording area and who will work with the Flamborough Ornithological Group Recorder towards the annual publication. If you have any bird or other wildlife sightings and images for the additional bird recording area please send these to Geoff Carr on    

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