Monday, 19 November 2012

Remains fairly quiet in the County with just a few snippets over the weekend such as Richard's Pipit at Flamborough and Wood Lark south at Spurn. Even the Waxwings have leveled out a bit although bird's moving down the coast suggest plenty more to come. The Glaucous Gull still keeps popping up at Scarborough and one or two Caspian Gulls are there to be had too.

This Caspian Gull (probably a second-winter) was 'phone-scoped' at Orgreave Lagoons this weekend. - Roy Twigg

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The National Trust’s High Peak Moors Vision and Plan Project

Red Grouse - Ron Marshall

This is probably a once in a lifetime chance to influence management of this critically important part of our County. It is vital that conservationists offer support and propose specific actions. We all know what goes on! So if you want to see more birds like this:

Hen Harrier - Ron Marshall

And this:
Merlin - Ron Marshall

then please follow the link and take action. You can give your feedback online, or via a form that you can download from the website. The deadline for comments is 30th November. to view the plan, or call 01433 670368 or email to be sent a copy through the post.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Berry nice!

With the exception of the American Wigeon still in situ at Wimtersett Reservoir the news is pretty much all Waxwings. This selection of photos from Hull kindly supplied by Mike Ashforth.

Monday, 12 November 2012

throwing the teddy out?

No sign of the 'Azorean Yellow-legged Gull' in the Wintersett roost this evening. The potential of a future split didn't appear to convince many Yorkshire listers and of the 16 birders present at dusk all but two or three were locals. Not a complete waste of time for some of those who had come a fair distance though, as at least one managed to ensure Ring-necked Parakeet was added to his tally in between numerous telephone calls about push-chair accessories!

Sunday, 11 November 2012


A fairly quiet weekend excepting large numbers of Waxwings, a good arrival of Richard's Pipits (two each at Cowbar and Flamborough + one at Spurn) and a very brief Little Bunting on The Humber near Skeffling. Something that might get the insurance listers going though was a bird thought to be an 'Azorean Yellow-legged Gull' that roosted on Wintersett Reservoir tonight. A potential tick for the future? Depends on youre life expectancy!

The gull thought to be 'Azorean Yellow-legged Gull in theWintersett roost tonight - Steve Denny

The gull thought to be 'Azorean Yellow-legged Gull in the Wintersett roost tonight - Steve Denny

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Time to do the Christmas shopping?

It's Waxwings, Waxwings and more Waxwings at the moment!

Part of a flock of over 100 Waxwings in Sheffield today - Keith Pickering

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Its shot-off!

Still not much change in last few days, just more signs of the impending winter, so here's a few reminders....

This first-winter Caspian Gull was roosting at Anglers CP. earlier in the week. Don't bother looking for it now though, as the men from DEFRA went a hunting there with devastating results. Not a single gull roosted today and some of the popular birds that birders had been traveling there to see had also deserted. Little wonder there's so much hatred towards the men from the ministry! Photo - Steve Denny

I'd heard everything was bigger and better in Yorkshire but berries this big.............. Photo - Ian Smith

No talk of impending winter in Yorkshire is complete without a picture of a Holbeck Med' Gull. Photo - Justin Carr

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Winter reminder

A rather winter-like weekend once the Great White Egret flew off from Scarborough. Glaucous Gulls, Waxwings, Snow Buntings and Twite featured prominent but alas no late autumn hoped-for's such as Dusky, Hume's or even Pallas's Warblers, yet..........

This rather dark looking Glaucous Gull was found in Scarborough Harbour Friday - Roy Harvey. The rather long wings and rounded head may suggest this bird to be a female.
The Glaucous Gull in Scarborough Harbour today looking a bit more typical perhaps? - Dave Mansell
 Waxwing - John Hewitt. This bird was photographed in Easington this morning and later found its way on to the photographers garden list.
Yes, winter is here as this flock of Snow Buntings at Beacon Ponds seems to confirm. - John Hewitt

Friday, 2 November 2012

The Great White Egret still at The Mere, Scarborough late afternoon.  Otherwise, the drake Yank Wigeon still at Anglers CP. and a couple of adult Caspian Gulls at Orgreave.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dogging gets the bird!

Today's main bird was this cracking Great White Egret in Scarborough. It was still present late afternoon and according to local fable (dog walkers) it was there yesterday too. Well who'd have thought?
The Great White Egret at The Mere in Scarborough today - Dave Mansell