Monday, 15 October 2012

Strange happenings

A strange sort of weekend in the County really neither good or bad. Best bird had to be the Tawny Pipit found at Easington Lagoons on Saturday. Tawny Pipit is a scarce bird in Yorkshire, so was it really coincidence that it was  in the very same spot as one there last year? It also played very hard to get most of the time, just like last year's bird did and last but not least it was found by the self same person. Remarkable! So could it be last year's bird? Well, the jury's still out on its age but the 2011 bird was trapped and ringed and this one isn't. At least we don't think it is. So that would presumably make it a different bird unless of course the scrap metal thieves have been at it again...................  

The Tawny Pipit at Easington Lagoons in one of those rare moments when it didn't  play hard to get.
Photograph - Mick Turton
Today's main birds are: Pallas's Warbler at Flamborough, a juv Black Guillemot off Filey Brigg late afternoon and the Tawny Pipit still at Easington. And fridays big talking point was that of a Lanceolated Warbler at Long Nab, Scarborough apparently seen by just one lucky observer. Oh well!

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