Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wild Goose Chase?

On the last day of September a Red-breasted Goose was photographed feeding on the beach at Saltburn before later moving to Scaling Dam but should we take it serious? First reactions were no, but as time moved on the Cleveland lot soon liked what they saw and at the time of writing many appear to favour it being a wild bird. So why? Well, in its favour the bird is un-ringed, in pristine condition and perhaps most intriguing of all it is a juvenile, something which certainly won't harm its cause. Also, according to the locals it spent the first three days of its stay constantly feeding which might indicate a long journey previous, although pessimists might suggest it wore itself out cutting through the cage! On the flip side since it moved to Scaling Dam it is not particularly keeping good company (Canada Geese) although neither are the recently arrived Pink-feet which are presumably wild? So what to do? Easy really, what else is there to do in Yorkshire during an autumn of westerlies!

      The Juvenile Red-breasted Goose 'shaming itself' at Scaling Dam.
       Photographer - Edna Scruples

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