Sunday, 2 August 2009

The BOURC have added Pacific Diver to the British list in accepting the Farnham gravel pits bird of 07, which becomes the first for Britain and obviously Yorkshire.

Pacific Diver Farnham gravel pits Jan 07. The first for Yorkshire and Britain. Stephen Clifton (above) and Gareth Picton (below)

The BOURC have also accepted the Brown Flycatcher on fair Isle in 1992 as the first for Britain upgrading it from one of the other categories nobody really understands. Following this the BBRC have accepted the Flamborough bird of 2007. These two additions to the county list bring it to 444. Most of the top Yorks listers scored with these birds and the listers league totals have been updated.

Brown Flycatcher Flamborough Oct 07. Stephen Clifton

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